Canada Vs Slovenia Basketball (100-89) Highlights

Date: September 6, 2023

Final Score: Canada vs Slovenia (100 – 89)

The scorecard of the Canada vs Slovenia basketball game:

Team1st Quarter2nd Quarter3rd Quarter4th QuarterFinal Score

In a highly anticipated showdown in the World Cup classification round Canada emerged victorious against Slovenia with a final score of 100-89. This pivotal win showcased Canada’s strength and determination on the basketball court solidifying their position in the tournament. This article delves into the key statistics, highlights and quarter wise breakdown of this thrilling contest.

Key Statistics Of The Game

  • Canada emerged victorious with a final score of 100-89.
  • The game showcased Canada’s strength and determination on the court.
  • Notable individual performances included Gilgeous-Alexander S. (Canada) with 31 points and Doncic L. (Slovenia) with 26 points.
  • Canada’s precise shooting resulted in a 50.8% field goals percentage while Slovenia shot at 43.9%.
  • Canada excelled in 2-point field goals making 20 of 31 attempts (64.5%) while Slovenia made 14 of 35 (40%).
  • Slovenia had the edge in 3-point shooting making 15 of 31 attempts (48.4%) while Canada made 11 of 30 (36.7%).
  • Canada had a slight advantage in free throws making 16 of 19 (81.8%) compared to Slovenia’s 27 of 32 (84.2%).
  • Canada secured 38 total rebounds to Slovenia’s 30 demonstrating their dominance on the boards.
  • Both teams were closely matched in assists with Canada recording 16 and Slovenia recording 14.
  • The game featured 6 steals by Canada and 5 steals by Slovenia.
  • Canada had 1 block compared to Slovenia’s 0.
  • The teams accumulated 21 personal fouls for Canada and 29 for Slovenia throughout the game.
  • The closely contested match had fans on the edge of their seats with the lead changing hands several times.
  • Canada’s victory holds immense significance in the World Cup classification round solidifying their position and showcasing their potential for success in the tournament.

Final Score and Point Distribution

  • Canada: 100 points
  • Slovenia: 89 points
Canada Vs Slovenia

Victory and Strength

Canada’s victory demonstrated their prowess on the court maintaining composure and executing their game plan effectively. Their performance reflected the team’s strength and resilience.

Top Performers on Both Teams

Notable contributors included:

  • Gilgeous Alexander S. (Canada): 31 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists
  • Doncic L. (Slovenia): 26 points, 4 rebounds and 5 assists

Quarter-wise Highlights

First Quarter: Canada vs Slovenia (15 – 9)

  • Canada started the game strong by taking a 6-point lead in the first quarter.
  • They showcased solid defense and limiting Slovenia to just 9 points.

Second Quarter: Canada vs Slovenia (37 – 26)

  • Canada continued to build on their lead outscoring Slovenia by 11 points in the second quarter.
  • Their precise shooting and strong defensive efforts were evident.

Third Quarter: Canada vs Slovenia (51 – 36)

  • Canada maintained their dominance extending their lead by 14 points in the third quarter.
  • Their coordinated offense and defense kept Slovenia at a distance.

Fourth Quarter: Canada vs Slovenia (100 – 89)

  • The final quarter saw a spirited comeback by Slovenia as they outscored Canada by 7 points.
  • However, Canada’s early lead proved crucial as they secured the game with a final score of 100-89.

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Canada’s Last Five Games:


Slovenia’s Last Five Games:

08/30/2023Cape VerdeWin

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Frequently Asked Questions

When and where was the Canada vs Slovenia match played?

The match was played on September 6, 2023 in the World Cup.

What was the final score of the game?

The final score was Canada 100 – 89 Slovenia with Canada emerging as the winner.

Who were the top performers in Canada vs Slovenia (100 – 89)?

The top performers included Gilgeous-Alexander S. for Canada with 31 points and Doncic L. for Slovenia with 26 points.

What were the key statistics of the match such as field goals percentage and rebounds?

Canada had a field goals percentage of 50.8% while Slovenia had 43.9%.
Canada excelled in 2-point field goals making 64.5% compared to Slovenia’s 40%.
Slovenia had the edge in 3-point shooting with 48.4% while Canada had 36.7%.
Canada secured 38 total rebounds while Slovenia had 30.

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