DeMar DeRozan Talks Chicago Bulls, Family, Olympics and More

DeMar DeRozan the seasoned star of the Chicago Bulls recently sat down with Sportskeeda for an exclusive interview that delved deep into his life beyond the basketball court. In this candid conversation DeRozan opened up about his offseason routine. the joys of being a full time dad and his unwavering commitment to both his family and the game he loves. Furthermore he shared insights into his plans for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics offered a glimpse into his exciting new projects “Dinners with DeMar” and a forthcoming book and discussed his role as a mentor to young talents like Bronny James.

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DeMar DeRozan’s Exclusive Interview Highlights:

  1. Family Focus: DeRozan’s offseason revolves around family cherishing time with his five children and letting them explore their passions.
  2. Physical Preparation: Entering his 15th NBA season he prioritizes recovery and injury prevention with low-impact workouts and conditioning.
  3. Expanding His Game: DeRozan aims to incorporate more three-pointers while maintaining his mid-range expertise.
  4. Bulls’ Expectations: Despite previous setbacks he believes the Bulls can achieve greatness by addressing past mistakes and consistency.
  5. No Quick Rebuild: DeRozan dismisses the idea of an immediate rebuild emphasizing the challenges of finding and developing talent.

1. Offseason Routine and Family Life

Beyond the spotlight and the roaring crowds DeRozan finds immense joy in his role as a father. He describes his offseason as a time of balance one where he dedicates himself to his children while staying in prime physical condition. The thrill of watching his five children grow and discover their passions whether it’s basketball, gymnastics or simply being siblings brings him profound happiness. As a parent DeRozan opts to take a backseat and let his kids be kids a choice that underscores his commitment to nurturing their individuality.

2. Preparation for the Upcoming Season

Entering his 15th year in the NBA DeRozan’s experience has taught him the paramount importance of maintaining peak physical condition. His offseason regimen focused on recovery and injury prevention involving low impact activities such as pool workouts, beach runs and dynamic exercises. This meticulous approach is a testament to his dedication to excellence a quality that has defined his career.

3. Expanding His Game

DeRozan’s willingness to adapt and grow is evident in his intention to incorporate more three pointers into his game. However he’s quick to emphasize that he won’t fixate on a specific number of attempts. Instead he plans to read the defense and make strategic choices showcasing his versatility on the court.

4. Expectations for the Chicago Bulls

Despite the challenges faced by the Bulls including Lonzo Ball’s injury DeRozan remains optimistic about the team’s future. He believes that by addressing past mistakes and focusing on consistency the Bulls can achieve greatness. The key according to DeRozan is to learn from the ups and downs of the previous season and build on those experiences.

5. Bulls’ Rebuilding Speculations

DeRozan firmly dismisses the notion of an immediate rebuild asserting that it may not be a quick or successful path. He points out the challenges of finding and developing talented players emphasizing that the team can evolve by rectifying its weaknesses instead of hitting the reset button.

6. Long Term Commitment to the Bulls

The interview sheds light on DeRozan’s desire to cement his legacy in Chicago. His aspiration to conclude his career as a Bull aligns with the organization’s vision creating a mutual desire for a long term partnership. DeRozan entrusts contract negotiations to his agent and the organization focusing on his commitment to the game.

7. Interest in the 2024 Paris Olympics

DeRozan’s unwavering patriotism and love for representing his country shine through when discussing the 2024 Paris Olympics. He expresses eagerness to be part of the national team considering it a significant honor and a chance to showcase his skills on a global stage.

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8. Upcoming Projects

DeRozan’s commitment to inspiring and connecting with fans extends beyond the court. His project “Dinners with DeMar” promises a unique intimate look into the lives of athletes and entertainers. It offers natural unscripted conversations in a dinner setting providing fans with a personal connection to their favorite stars. Additionally DeRozan is set to release a book that chronicles his life journey, emotions and experiences with a targeted release date at the beginning of the next year. This project aims to destigmatize vulnerability and promote mental health awareness.

9. Mentorship for Young Players

DeRozan’s mentorship extends to promising young talents notably Bronny James. While acknowledging the invaluable guidance that Bronny receives from his father LeBron James DeRozan plays an active role in supporting the young players in Los Angeles. He attends practices and provides a valuable support system for these emerging stars.

10. Impact of His LA Journey

DeRozan reflects on his remarkable journey from Los Angeles acknowledging the rich basketball culture in the city. He sees himself and other native NBA stars as role models who inspire the next generation to aim high and build upon their legacy. His commitment to the LA basketball community is evident in his belief that sports can create positive change in culture, cities and states.


In this exclusive interview DeMar DeRozan emerges as a multifaceted personality. He is not just an NBA star but also a devoted father a passionate patriot and a catalyst for change. As he continues to impact the game of basketball and touch lives through his upcoming projects DeRozan’s legacy extends far beyond the hardwood inspiring others to embrace their vulnerabilities and chase their dreams.

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