Étienne Capoue Wiki, Stats, Net Worth, Early life and Career Achievements

Étienne Capoue is the French football sensation who has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his remarkable skills and unwavering dedication to the sport. He was born on July 11, 1988 in the charming town of Niort, France. Capoue’s journey to becoming a football icon is a testament to both his innate talent and the unwavering support of his parents whose names while not widely known have undoubtedly played a significant role in nurturing his talent and fostering his dreams.

Full NameÉtienne René Capoue
Date of BirthJuly 11, 1988
Place of BirthNiort, France
Height1.89 meters (6 feet 2 inches)
PositionDefensive Midfielder
Current ClubVillarreal CF
Joined Current ClubJanuary 4, 2021
Contract Expiry DateJune 30, 2024

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Early Life

Capoue’s early life was imbued with a deep love for football. From a young age he displayed an innate talent for the game a gift that quickly became apparent as he embarked on his footballing journey. He first honed his skills at his hometown club Chamois Niortais where his passion for the sport ignited. It was here that his parents first witnessed his extraordinary talent and they soon realized they had a prodigy in their midst.

As a testament to his burgeoning abilities Capoue moved on to FC Chauray in the Poitou-Charentes region where he continued to flourish. During this period the young footballer began attracting the attention of scouts from renowned clubs across France including Lille, Auxerre and Bordeaux. This pivotal moment marked the crossroads of his journey where he had to make a crucial decision that would shape his career. Ultimately Étienne Capoue chose Toulouse FC driven by the allure of the club’s world-class training facilities and the sunny climate.

Height and Weight

Étienne Capoue is standing tall at an imposing 1.89 meters (6 feet 2 inches) and boasting a sturdy build Capoue possesses the physical attributes of a dominant defensive midfielder. His towering height and robust physique make him a formidable presence on the pitch. These physical attributes have been instrumental in his ability to excel in aerial duels, win possession battles and protect his team’s backline with authority.

Club Career

Capoue’s club career has been characterized by his remarkable contributions to various teams. He embarked on his professional journey with Toulouse FC in 2007 where he quickly rose through the ranks. Over the years he made a total of 196 appearances for the club showcasing his versatility as a midfielder and his ability to contribute both offensively and defensively. His outstanding performances during his time at Toulouse earned him a place in the prestigious UNFP Ligue 1 Team of the Year for the 2011–12 season.

In 2013 Capoue made a high-profile move to the English Premier League signing with Tottenham Hotspur. His time in the Premier League was marked by his tenacious style of play and his ability to anchor the midfield. Subsequently he continued to make a significant impact in the Premier League with Watford amassing 167 appearances for the Hornets. During his tenure with Watford he played a pivotal role in the club’s memorable journey to the 2019 FA Cup Final.

In 2021 Capoue embarked on a new chapter in his career with a transfer to Villarreal CF in La Liga. His transition to Spanish football was seamless and he continued to display his prowess in midfield. Notably he played an instrumental role in Villarreal’s historic UEFA Europa League victory in his very first season with the club.

International Debut

While Capoue’s club career has been filled with achievements and accolades he has also left his mark on the international stage. He earned seven senior caps for the French national team from 2012 to 2013 a testament to his versatility and composure as a midfielder. His international journey commenced with his debut in a friendly match against Uruguay in August 2012 which marked Didier Deschamps’ first game as the French national team’s manager. His international highlight came in September 2012 when he scored his first goal for France in a crucial World Cup qualifier against Belarus contributing to a 3–1 victory at the Stade de France.

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Strength And Weakness


  • Physicality
  • Tackling
  • Aerial ability
  • Passing


  • Mobility
  • Discipline
  • Consistency

Awards and Honours

Throughout his illustrious career Capoue has received recognition for his exceptional performances. In the 2011–12 season he was named in the UNFP Ligue 1 Team of the Year solidifying his status as one of the finest talents in French football. Furthermore he was honored as Watford’s Player of the Year for the 2018–19 season a testament to his impact on the club during his time in the Premier League.

Recent Performance

Capoue’s recent performances continue to impress fans and pundits alike. His contributions to Villarreal CF in La Liga and the UEFA Europa League have been nothing short of extraordinary. His ability to control the midfield break up opposition attacks and initiate counter-attacks showcases his prowess as a defensive midfielder.

Net Worth

As of now Étienne Capoue’s net worth stands at an impressive £17,056,000. His consistent success on the field and lucrative contracts have contributed to his financial prosperity. However it’s essential to note that his true wealth extends beyond his earnings encompassing the respect and admiration he has garnered from football fans worldwide.


  • Europa League winner (2021)
  • Champions League semi-finalist (2022)

Stats Table

2007–08ToulouseLigue 1500
2008–09ToulouseLigue 13210
2009–10ToulouseLigue 13300
2010–11ToulouseLigue 13720
2011–12ToulouseLigue 13330
2012–13ToulouseLigue 13470
2013–14Tottenham HotspurPremier League1210
2014–15Tottenham HotspurPremier League1201
2015–16WatfordPremier League3303
2016–17WatfordPremier League3771
2017–18WatfordPremier League2312
2018–19WatfordPremier League3315
2019–20WatfordPremier League3000
2020–21VillarrealLa Liga1610
2021–22VillarrealLa Liga3010
2022–23VillarrealLa Liga2830
2023–24VillarrealLa Liga200


In conclusion Étienne Capoue’s journey from his early days in France to becoming a prominent figure in European football is a captivating story of talent, perseverance and unwavering dedication. His impressive club career, international contributions, accolades and substantial net worth underscore his status as a football icon. As fans eagerly anticipate his future performances Capoue’s legacy in the world of soccer remains firmly established and his influence on the pitch continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring footballers and fans worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Étienne Capoue?

Étienne Capoue is a professional footballer from France known for his skills as a defensive midfielder. He has played for various clubs including Toulouse, Tottenham Hotspur, Watford and Villarreal.

When and where was Étienne Capoue born?

Étienne Capoue was born on July 11, 1988 in Niort, France.

Which clubs has Étienne Capoue played for during his career?

Capoue has had a diverse club career starting with Toulouse in France and then moving to Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League. He later joined Watford in the Premier League and ultimately transferred to Villarreal CF in La Liga.

Has Étienne Capoue represented his national team?

Yes, Étienne Capoue has represented the French national team. He earned seven senior caps and scored a goal during his international career.

What is Étienne Capoue’s net worth?

Étienne Capoue’s net worth is estimated to be £17,056,000. His successful football career and lucrative contracts have contributed to his financial prosperity.

What is Étienne Capoue’s current club and contract status?

As of the latest available information Étienne Capoue plays for Villarreal CF in La Liga and his contract is set to expire on June 30, 2024.

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