Haryana Steelers Triumph Over Bengal Warriors in Pro Kabaddi League Match 61

In a thrilling clash at DOME by NSCI, Mumbai, the Haryana Steelers emerged victorious over the Bengal Warriors with a final score of 41-35 in Match 61 of the Pro Kabaddi League. The encounter showcased intense raiding and defensive maneuvers treating the audience to a spectacular kabaddi showdown.

Match Overview:

Final Score:

  • Bengal Warriors: 35
  • Haryana Steelers: 41


  • Haryana Steelers Beat Bengal Warriors (41-35)

First-Half Action:

The first half of the match witnessed a closely contested battle with both teams exhibiting skillful gameplay. Bengal Warriors’ Maninder Singh led the raiding department securing 8 points for his team. The defensive efforts were spearheaded by Vaibhav Garje and Jaskirat Singh each contributing crucial points to the team’s tally.

On the opposing side Haryana Steelers responded with an impressive performance led by the raider Chandran Ranjit, who secured 7 points. The defensive unit comprising Jaideep Dahiya and Mohit Nandal showcased resilience thwarting Bengal Warriors’ raiding attempts.

Half-Time Score:

  • Bengal Warriors: 17
  • Haryana Steelers: 13

Second-Half Thrills:

The second half intensified the competition with both teams vying for control. Bengal Warriors’ Maninder Singh and Shrikant Jadhav continued their raiding prowess while Haryana Steelers’ Chandran Ranjit and Siddharth Desai made significant contributions. The defensive battle unfolded with notable tackles from both sides keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Key Players and Points Breakdown:

Bengal Warriors:

  • Maninder Singh (8 raid points)
  • Vaibhav Garje (2 tackle points)
  • Jaskirat Singh (2 tackle points)

Haryana Steelers:

  • Chandran Ranjit (7 raid points)
  • Jaideep Dahiya (4 tackle points)
  • Mohit Nandal (5 tackle points)

Statistical Highlights:


  • Bengal Warriors – Total Points: 17
  • Haryana Steelers – Total Points: 13
  • Raid Success Rate: Bengal Warriors 38.64%, Haryana Steelers 40%


  • Bengal Warriors – Total Points: 18
  • Haryana Steelers – Total Points: 28
  • Raid Success Rate: Bengal Warriors 38.64%, Haryana Steelers 47.73%


In a gripping encounter the Haryana Steelers managed to outscore the Bengal Warriors securing a well-deserved victory. The match showcased the resilience and strategic brilliance of both teams making it a memorable fixture in the ongoing Pro Kabaddi League. The audience at DOME by NSCI, Mumbai, witnessed kabaddi at its finest with players giving their all on the mat.

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