Luis Milla Manzanares Wiki, Stats and His Career Highlights

Luis Milla Manzanares (Luis Milla) was born on October 7, 1994 in Madrid, Spain. Who is making waves in the world of football. He is Known for his prowess as a Defensive Midfielder (CM-DM) he has already left a lasting impact on the sport at just 28 years old. But there’s more to Luis Milla than meets the eye including a notable football lineage. His father also named Luis Milla was a prominent figure in Spanish football making the story of this rising star even more intriguing.

Full NameLuis Milla Manzanares
Date of BirthOctober 7, 1994 (Age: 28 years old)
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
NationalitySpanish (Citizenship: Spain)
PositionDefensive Midfielder (CM-DM)
Height175 cm (5 feet 8½ inches)
Weight73 kg (161 pounds)
Current ClubGetafe CF
Shirt Number5
Wages€15,000 Weekly (Expires June 2027)
Notable AchievementsRising star in Spanish football

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Early Life

Luis Milla was born into a football-loving family with his father’s legacy casting a significant influence on his career. His father Luis Milla Sr. was not only a footballer but also a midfielder who represented renowned clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia CF. Furthermore he even had the honor of representing the Spain national team. This rich football heritage set the stage for young Luis Milla to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Height and Weight

Luis Milla is standing at 175 cm (5 feet 8½ inches) and weighing 73 kg (161 pounds). Luis Milla possesses the ideal physique for a central midfielder. His stature allows him to navigate the pitch with agility and precision making him a formidable presence in the midfield.

Club Career

Luis Milla’s club career has been marked by dedication and continuous improvement. He embarked on his journey in the football world by joining Atlético Madrid’s youth setup in 2012. Over the years he honed his skills and gained valuable experience through loan spells with various clubs including Rayo Vallecano B, Guijuelo and Fuenlabrada.

In 2018 Milla signed a four-and-a-half-year contract with CD Tenerife in Segunda División where he showcased his abilities as a midfielder. His remarkable journey continued as he made a significant move to La Liga side Granada CF in 2020 earning praise for his contributions including a memorable goal against Athletic Bilbao.

In 2022 following Granada’s relegation Milla embarked on a new chapter signing a five year deal with Getafe CF in La Liga. His journey is a testament to his determination and talent earning him a place among Spain’s top football talents.

International Debut

While Luis Milla has excelled at the club level he aspires to make an impact on the international stage. Though his international debut is yet to be realized his consistent performances and growth as a midfielder may lead to a call-up to the Spanish national team in the near future.

Strength And Weakness


  • Positioning: Milla is very good at positioning himself on the pitch. He is always in the right place to intercept passes or make tackles.
  • Work ethic: Milla is a very hard worker. He is always willing to put in the extra effort.
  • Intelligence: Milla is an intelligent player. He is able to read the game well and make good decisions.
  • Passing ability: Milla is a good passer of the ball. He is able to make accurate passes over short and long distances.


  • Physical strength: Milla is not a very physically strong player. He can be bullied by stronger opponents.
  • Speed: Milla is not a very fast player. He can struggle to keep up with some of the quicker players in the game.
  • Consistency: Milla can sometimes be inconsistent. He can have a great game one week and a poor game the next.

Awards and Honours

While Luis Milla’s career is still in its ascendancy he has garnered recognition for his contributions to his respective clubs. Awards and honors may be on the horizon as he continues to evolve as a footballer.

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Recent Performance

In the 2022-2023 La Liga season Luis Milla has been a vital presence for Getafe CF. With 27 appearances and 3 assists he has played a crucial role in his team’s midfield. His ability to control the game from the center of the park has been instrumental in Getafe’s performance.

Net Worth

As of now Luis Milla’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. However with his promising career and a contract that runs until June 2027 with Getafe his financial status is likely to see significant growth.


  • Promoted to the first team at Valencia CF in 2014.
  • Won the UEFA Youth League with Valencia CF in 2015.
  • Won the Segunda División B with Granada CF in 2017.
  • Won the Copa del Rey with Valencia CF in 2019.

Stats Table

Rayo Vallecano B2014–15Segunda División B202
Guijuelo (loan)2015–16Segunda División B41
Fuenlabrada (loan)2016–17Segunda División B331
Fuenlabrada2017–18Segunda División B213
Tenerife2017–18Segunda División170
Tenerife2018–19Segunda División382
Tenerife2019–20Segunda División358
Granada2020–21La Liga161
Granada2021–22La Liga343
Getafe2022–23La Liga270
Career Total24521

Note: Stats are accurate as of June 4, 2023.


Luis Milla Manzanares’s journey from Madrid’s youth football to La Liga exemplifies determination and talent. With a rich football lineage and a promising career. he is poised to make significant contributions to both his club, Getafe CF and potentially the Spanish national team in the future. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring footballers and a testament to the enduring legacy of football within his family. Keep an eye on this rising star as he continues to shine on the football pitch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Luis Milla Manzanares?

Luis Milla Manzanares is a Spanish professional footballer born on October 7, 1994 in Madrid, Spain. He is known for his role as a Defensive Midfielder (CM-DM) and currently plays for Getafe CF in La Liga.

What is Luis Milla’s football background?

Luis Milla comes from a football-loving family. His father also named Luis Milla was a renowned midfielder who played for clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Valencia CF as well as the Spain national team. This rich football heritage has influenced Luis Milla’s career.

Which clubs has Luis Milla played for in his career?

Luis Milla’s club career has seen him play for several teams including Atlético Madrid C, SS Reyes (on loan), Rayo Vallecano B, AD Alcorcón, CD Guijuelo (on loan) and CF Fuenlabrada before making notable moves to CD Tenerife, Granada CF and Getafe CF.

What are some of Luis Milla’s recent achievements?

In the 2022-2023 La Liga season Luis Milla has made 27 appearances and provided 3 assists for Getafe CF. His performances in midfield have been crucial to his team’s success.

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