Pepe Reina Wiki, Stats, Net Worth And Career Achievements

Pepe Reina whose full name is José Manuel Reina Páez is a revered figure in the world of football. He was Born on August 31, 1982 in Madrid, Spain. he was destined for greatness owing to his family’s deep-rooted connection to the sport. The Reina family’s footballing heritage is embodied in Pepe’s father Miguel Reina a former goalkeeper who once graced the prestigious stage of the 1974 European Cup Final while playing for Atlético Madrid. This familial bond with football played a pivotal role in shaping Pepe’s passion and talent for the beautiful game.

Full NameJosé Manuel Reina Páez
Date of BirthAugust 31, 1982
Place of BirthMadrid, Spain
Height1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches)
WeightApproximately 92 kilograms (203 pounds)
Former InternationalSpain
Current ClubVillarreal CF
Joined ClubJuly 8, 2022
Contract ExpiryJune 30, 2024

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Early Life

From a tender age it was evident that Pepe Reina was destined to follow in his father’s footsteps and carve his own legacy in football. Growing up in a football-loving household he was immersed in the world of the sport. He idolized his father and was often seen donning his goalkeeper gloves, mimicking saves and dreaming of one day becoming a professional footballer.

As Pepe honed his skills on the local pitches of Madrid it became increasingly clear that he possessed an innate talent for goalkeeping. His journey from the youth ranks to the professional arena was marked by dedication, hard work and an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Height and Weight

One of the defining attributes of Reina’s goalkeeping prowess is his imposing physical presence. He is standing tall at 1.88 meters (6 feet 2 inches) he commands the penalty area with authority. His height combined with a weight of approximately 92 kilograms (203 pounds) makes him an intimidating figure for opposition strikers. This unique blend of stature and athleticism has been a cornerstone of his success as a goalkeeper.

Club Career

Pepe Reina’s club career has been a tapestry of achievements and memorable moments. He embarked on his professional journey with Barcelona where he initially played for the B team before making his mark in the senior squad. His time at Barcelona not only honed his skills but also allowed him to learn from some of the best in the business.

A pivotal moment in his career came when he moved to Villarreal CF where he played a significant role in the club’s success. During his tenure Villarreal clinched the UEFA Intertoto Cup twice establishing themselves as a force in Spanish football.

However, it was his move to Liverpool in the English Premier League that truly catapulted him into the global spotlight. As Liverpool’s first-choice goalkeeper Pepe Reina excelled winning accolades like the Premier League Golden Glove and helping the club secure the FA Cup and Football League Cup.

His club journey also took him to renowned teams like Napoli, AC Milan and eventually a return to Villarreal CF in La Liga where he continued to showcase his remarkable goalkeeping abilities.

International Debut

Pepe Reina’s talents extended beyond club football earning him a place in the Spanish national team. His international debut in 2005 marked the beginning of a fruitful journey with La Roja. Over the years he amassed 36 caps for Spain contributing significantly to the team’s successes in the FIFA World Cup (2010) and the UEFA European Championships (2008, 2012). His presence in goal was a source of confidence for his teammates and his ability to make crucial saves on the grandest stages cemented his status as a national hero.

Strength And Weakness


  • Shot-stopping
  • Distribution
  • Command of his area
  • Experience


  • Age
  • Height
  • Aerial ability

Awards and Honors

The walls of Pepe Reina’s trophy room bear witness to his exceptional talents and contributions to the sport. Among his notable awards and honors are the Premier League Golden Glove Liverpool’s Player of the Season (2009-10) and victories in the UEFA Intertoto Cup with Villarreal and the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich. These achievements are a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence.

Recent Performance

Despite the passage of time Pepe Reina’s performances between the goalposts remain nothing short of spectacular. As of his last update in June 2023 he was still plying his trade with Villarreal CF in La Liga. His experience, unmatched reflexes and leadership qualities make him a valuable asset to any team fortunate enough to have him guard their net.

Net Worth

Beyond the accolades and recognition Pepe Reina’s illustrious career has also translated into substantial financial success. His estimated net worth stands at an astounding £31,241,600. This wealth is a result of his consistent presence in top-level football and numerous contracts with renowned clubs.

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  • FIFA World Cup winner (2010)
  • UEFA European Championship winner (2012)
  • Europa League winner (2012, 2021)
  • UEFA Super Cup winner (2005)
  • FA Cup winner (2006)
  • EFL Cup winner (2012)
  • Community Shield winner (2006)
  • Serie A Cup winner (2014)
  • Bundesliga champion (2015)

Stats Table

ClubSeasonDivisionAppearancesGoals ConcededClean Sheets
Barcelona C1998–99Tercera División30
Barcelona B1999–00Segunda División B300
Barcelona B2000–01Segunda División B110
Barcelona2000–01La Liga1907
Barcelona2001–02La Liga1104
Villarreal2002–03La Liga3304
Villarreal2003–04La Liga38015
Villarreal2004–05La Liga38019
Liverpool2005–06Premier League33015
Liverpool2006–07Premier League35014
Liverpool2007–08Premier League38014
Liverpool2008–09Premier League38011
Liverpool2009–10Premier League38013
Liverpool2010–11Premier League38011
Liverpool2011–12Premier League340
Liverpool2012–13Premier League3108
Napoli (loan)2013–14Serie A3009
Bayern Munich2014–15Bundesliga30
Napoli2015–16Serie A3705
Napoli2016–17Serie A3708
Napoli2017–18Serie A37010
AC Milan2018–19Serie A406
AC Milan2019–20Serie A10
Aston Villa (loan)2019–20Premier League120
Lazio2020–21Serie A2907
Lazio2021–22Serie A150
Villarreal2022–23La Liga2207


In conclusion, Pepe Reina’s journey through the world of football has been a remarkable one. From his early days inspired by his family’s rich footballing legacy to his stellar club and international career. he has left an indelible mark on the sport. His dedication goalkeeping prowess and numerous accolades serve as an inspiration to aspiring footballers worldwide.

As he continues to make his mark with Villarreal CF football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next chapter in the storied career of this Spanish football icon. Pepe Reina’s legacy is not only etched in trophies and records but also in the hearts of fans who have witnessed his extraordinary journey through the beautiful game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Pepe Reina?

Pepe Reina whose full name is José Manuel Reina Páez is a Spanish professional football goalkeeper known for his successful career in various top football leagues.

Which clubs has Pepe Reina played for during his career?

Pepe Reina has played for several clubs during his career including Barcelona, Villarreal, Liverpool, Napoli, AC Milan, Aston Villa (on loan), Lazio and Villarreal again.

When did Pepe Reina make his international debut for Spain?

Pepe Reina made his international debut for the Spanish national team in 2005. He went on to earn 36 caps for Spain during his international career.

What are some of the awards and honors Pepe Reina has received?

Pepe Reina has won numerous honors during his career including the FIFA World Cup in 2010 the UEFA European Championship in 2008 and 2012 the Premier League Golden Glove and various domestic league titles with his club teams.

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