Puneri Paltan Clinches Thrilling Win Against Tamil Thalaivas in Pro Kabaddi League Encounter

In a gripping showdown at the DOME by NSCI, Mumbai, the Puneri Paltan emerged victorious in a nail-biting encounter against the Tamil Thalaivas securing a hard-fought 29-26 win in Match 60 of the Pro Kabaddi League. The electric atmosphere in the stadium witnessed both teams showcasing impressive raiding and tackling skills creating a memorable spectacle for the fans.

First Half Parity

The first half unfolded as a closely contested affair with both teams displaying remarkable prowess. Puneri Paltan’s Pankaj Mohite and Mohit Goyat spearheaded their attack accumulating 3 and an astounding 36 raid points respectively. On the other hand, Narender and Ajinkya Pawar proved to be formidable raiders for the Tamil Thalaivas contributing 4 and 3 raid points each.

The defensive units were equally tight with M. Abhishek and Sagar standing out for the Thalaivas while Gaurav Khatri and Mohammadreza Chiyaneh impressed for the Puneri Paltan. The halftime score reflected the intensity of the match tied at 12-12 setting the stage for a dramatic second half.

Puneri Paltan Pulls Away

The second half witnessed a shift in momentum as the Puneri Paltan took control of the match. Led by Chiyaneh and Khatri the Paltan’s defense tightened significantly limiting the Tamil Thalaivas’ raiding opportunities. Meanwhile the raiding duo of Mohite and Goyat continued their dominance accumulating crucial points. A pivotal two-point raid by Goyat in the 18th minute followed by an all-out inflicted on the Thalaivas gave Puneri Paltan a decisive 5-point lead.

Thalaivas Fight Back

Refusing to concede defeat the Tamil Thalaivas mounted a spirited fightback in the dying minutes. Their defense spearheaded by Mohit and Nitesh Kumar executed impressive tackles. However the Puneri Paltan maintained their composure and held onto their lead eventually securing the match with a 29-26 victory.

Key Players

Puneri Paltan:

  • Pankaj Mohite (3 raid points)
  • Mohit Goyat (3 raid points)
  • Gaurav Khatri (6 tackle points)
  • Mohammadreza Chiyaneh (1 raid points, 5 tackle)

Tamil Thalaivas:

  • Narender (4 raid points, 1 tackle)
  • Ajinkya Pawar (3 raid points, 1 tackle)
  • M. Abhishek (3 tackle points)
  • Mohit (1 tackle point, 19 minutes on the mat)

Turning Point

The two-point raid by Goyat in the 18th minute and the subsequent all-out inflicted on the Thalaivas proved to be the turning point of the match giving Puneri Paltan the momentum needed to secure victory.


Puneri Paltan Captain Aslam:
“This was a tough match but we kept our composure and played as a team. Our defense was brilliant in the second half and I’m proud of the boys.”

Tamil Thalaivas Coach Ranjeet Kumar Singh:
“We fought well but couldn’t quite get over the line. We need to work on our tackling in crucial situations.”

The encounter at NSCI’s DOME Mumbai will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the thrilling highlights of the Pro Kabaddi League showcasing the resilience and skill of both teams.

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